NYCH3 #1235

NYCH3 #1235

October 14, 2007

Hares: FMIG

Start: 14th and 7th Ave. (Flannery’s)

On In: Plug Uglie’s (20/21st and 3rd)

Scribe: Blackout



Stop the presses folks, FMIG has finally set a trail that no one complained about.


It was a pleasant October Sunday, perfect hashing weather.  Yours truly did not show up at the start (having joined the ranks of racist NYC hashers, spent the morning r*nning on Staten Island), but a fair sized pack did.  From what I overheard, the trail was surprisingly uneventful, traveling across the width of Manhattan.  Perhaps one factor in the general approval of FMIG’s trail was the fact that there were not one but two beer checks, the first on the Hudson, and the second on the East river.  The on-in was Plug Uglie’s, tended by hasher Tom, always a good sign.  Perhaps in my tired state I was missing events, but this week there were not too many memorable occurrences at the on-in.  One very notable event however was Bottom arriving at Plug Uglie’s with a companion…a large dingy-looking stuffed monkey, presumably found on trail.


The circle started with FMIG getting the usual down-down.  When he tipped the last few dregs of beer over his shoulder rather than directly on his head, hasher Chris took offense.  Unfortunately for Chris, FMIG leads the circle, and so she was immediately instructed to come up and drink a beer for having the audacity to question the RA.  Next the beer check attendants, Scooter, Mean Jean, and Hot Rod were given down-downs for their help.  In a nod to the on-in, bartender Tom was next.  It being still great weather, a couple of virgins were in attendance and received their down-downs (now that their numbers are down I’ll actually bother to record such details: Nora and Christina).  By the way, as an aside, either this particular week or the one before, it was brought to the circle’s attention that recently there have been two mysterious ladies who run with Camelbacks, only to leave without ever drinking beer.  A warning to you two: such nefarious deeds will not go unpunished forever.


Returning to more mundane affairs, visitor Lipa from Chicago was given a down-down.  After he complained the beer was too weak, FMIG instructed bartender Tom to bring out a ½ beer, ½ water cup…poor Lipa then had to chug this mix.  After a long and drawn out explanation by Fast American Dave, Chad was brought up for having a close encounter with a restaurant umbrella.  F.A.D. was then given a down-down himself for winning his age category in the Staten Island 1/2 marathon that morning.  Bottom was of course given a beer for finding a stuffed love monkey on trail…I neglected to mention that said monkey had an “1 (heart) U” sewn on its chest.  AOTW went to Greg Hairy Ass for reasons forgotten.  Last Kiddie Licker was brought for an apparent random abuse of power-type down-down…


The drinking of course continued, though not as long as originally promised by FMIG.  In his defense, the pizza that night was superb, I have to admit.  At some point most of the pack was gone with the hash cash, but a few doughty souls lingered into the evening hours.  Ah, the return of winter Sundays…



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