Details On God Save Queens And Last Minute Transit Changes

Saturday’s God Save Queens joint venture between the BH3 and NYH3  will be a lot of fun, but will be a bit different than a regular run. Here is what’s planned:

(Former?*) Queens JM Smashmouth will be setting a “normal” trail from the start to the 1st bar of the pub crawl. We’ll circle up and head on out to Bar #2 at the appropriate time. We’ll hit 4-6 bars total. There will be a trail set from bar2bar, the hotline should be updated each time, and the bars are all relatively close to one another….unlike on some pub crawls.

Hash Cash will be $2.00, which will cover the cost of down downs and baggage transport. You are on your own for beer and food. There should be some excellent food options though, and last night last night, Eager For Beaver, Smashmouth, and myself ventured into the wilds of Queens to personally sample the bars, the food, and most importantly, the beer. Our hangovers speak to our success.

Finally, some last minute transit changes. While the start is 46th St on the 7, The 7 train is not running in Manhattan this weekend. Therefore, you should take the N or Q (special extended Q service) to Queensboro Plaza and pick up the 7 there to 46th St. You could also take the F or E to 74th St Bdwy and then backtrack a few stations on the 7. For more detail, check

*The Queens hash is currently on hiatus or it died last year. It’s hard to say.