NYCH3 #1227

NYCH3 #1227

Date: Wednesday August 22nd, 2007

Start:  Start: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Elementary School (456 W 52nd St)
Hares: The Harriettes

On-In: Gael Pub (3rd Ave. between 82nd & 83rd)

Scribe:  fuhmig

Catholic School Girls Rule


The dream always starts the same.


I am all alone, running, and not only is there no one with me there is no one around me whatsoever and when I notice that, I then notice I have no idea where I am. The streets are devoid of any landmarks or signage and I have no idea where I’m going.


I get a little panicky and start turning corners right and left and I get a bit more panicky and then I make a turn onto a large plaza and I am suddenly surrounded by people, people wearing formal wear and getting ready for some sort of performance. As I come to a stop and look around me bewildered; people turn towards me and they are pointing and laughing and some are even taking pictures and I have no idea why. I look at myself and I’m horrified.


I’m wearing a plaid skirt, knee socks, a revealing shirt and my nails are painted. I’m dripping with sweat, and worst of all I’ve been knocked up and I’m pretty much ready to pop. Horrified, I realize I’m on the Plaza At Lincoln Center, and the contractions start and that’s when the band starts playing, and the band plays on… On-On!


And that’s the dream I’ve had the night before every hash since the inaugural Catholic School Girl Run, a run where I found myself in more or less exactly that situation, the only real differences being I have breasts in the dream and it’s only in real life that Blackout shows up and tells me he just saw a live elephant around the corner. I still never figured that part out, but that boy drinks a lot, so who knows when he’s telling the truth.


Other than the existential angst that the trail prompted, my recollections of this trail are quite good, meager as they may be. Largely, they are comprised of female hashers in revealing garments that are not running clothes. I can only hope that all my extant fetishes are turned into theme hashes under the current mismanagement.  I really can’t wait until threesome night, but I’m a little disturbed about how my foot thing is gonna be translated into a run. I’ve seen some of your gnarly peds and frankly, you people need to groom.

I’m sure the trail was just fine; at least it wasn’t the subsequent trails, which will hereafter be known as Death March:
Manhattan, and Death March: God Save Queens.  For the record we started on the West and ended in the East. Sometime after Lincoln Center we probably went through the park on our way to whatever bar we ended at. Ask Salt Lick or US Marine Whore, they probably know.


There was a circle and Eager For Beaver and I conducted it, but other than Noah’s Dinghy getting the obligatory F-U for his 29th bday, damned if I know what down downs we gave out. Someone got AOTW I’m sure. It was supposed to be the new guy that wanted me to out him for being shy about peeing  but it went to someone else b/c I just wasn’t feeling that cruel. It probably went to Joe Pennsylvania, he’s kind of a go to guy like that.


After our circle, the Harriettes had one of their own led by USMW. I received a down down and a snazzy pink bra as the hasher who most wanted to be a Harriette. The bra and the remainder of my dignity were lost at the red dress run a few weeks later.  House Of Weinies got one as well and at one point Hoboken Dave received one for tearing off his wife beater and revealing his breasts. If that aint catholic school, I don’t know what is.