BH3 #386


Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #386/July 23, 2007

Hare: Blackout

On In: Moonshine

Scribe: FMIG


I'm writing this 6 weeks later, because I collected all these write-ups this morning and realized this one was missing and now that I'm doing all this work, man do I think the On Sec of this hash deserves a down down today.


Anyhow, I don't really remember anything about this trail as I write this sentence, but I hope to think of something soon enough. I knew we were headed to Moonshine, but this was about all I knew because I had taken the red eye from Portland after nearly two weeks of debauchery at a friend's wedding. Having survived in Portland on a diet largely consisting of locally cultivated beer and wine, as well as the occasional gut busting meal I returned home in rare running form, as you might imagine


I seem to remember the trail starting at Grand Army Plaza and meandering through the most accessible parts of Prospect Park. Assuming that's correct, I remember it took entirely too long to get to the on in, once we left the park. I think we saw Girl Scout Nookie escorting a potential live in girlfriend through the neighborhood at one point, and I imagine some other crap happened as well.


Moonshine was per usual, a fine on in. Unfortunately, we'll probably never go there again as Eager For Beaver encountered a cock roach the size of his fist there two nights ago. I'm certain I conducted a circle, but I couldn't tell you who got a down down for what, other than the usual BS.  Ted was visiting, Oh Shit was an asshole in what one hopes will be his last BH3 appearance as he has since fucked off back to the West Coast.


As usual, a good time was had by all, and if it wasn't, well, nobody cares anymore.