NYCH3 #1223

NYCH3 #1223

Date: Wednesday July 25th, 2007

Start:  See Below

Hares: See below

On-In: See Below

Scribe:  fuhmig

Pop Quiz


I’m sure you were all looking forward to reading a write-up of last week’s hash, but it’s come to our attention that the lot of you are spending all of your free time drinking beer, hooking up, philandering, and generally making an ass of yourself here. While this sort of activity is strongly encouraged at the hash, it also is important to take part in important hash events like drinking…ehhh…the trail, and the circle. Shit, one of you newbies could even volunteer to do a write-up sometime. Anyway, you have 20 minutes to complete this quiz which will count for absolutely nothing. Good luck, and may you find happiness at the bottom of your mug. (answers are at the bottom)


Part 1, Multiple Choice


1. The Prelube Last Week Was At?

a. The Patriot

b. Reade Street

c. Prelube?

d. Bottom’s Apartment


2. Last Week’s Hares Were

a. Jeremy and Heather

b. Jason and Hillary

c. Henry and Jennie

d. Jeremy and Hillary

e. someone set that monstrosity of a trail?


3. What Counties Did The Trail Go To, In Addition To Manhattan?

A. Brooklyn

B. Richmond

C. Kings

D. All Of The Above

E. None Of The Above


4. The On-In Was At?

A. Flannery’s

B. Massachusetts Heather’s

C. Hog’s And Heifers

D. The Patriot

E. None Of The Above


5. Which Committee Member Left The Hash Earliest? I mean really early at like 9:30, C’mon! What part of drinking club don’t you understand?


B. Blackout

C. Just Lauren

D. Cockstar


*Xtra Credit*

6. Which Dave (s) Did Not Complain Vehemently About The Trail

A. Dave Byron-Brown

B. Dave Croft

C. Dave Hardy

D. Fast American Dave

E. Sketchy Dave

Part 2, Matching, Match The Offender To The Offense

1.        The Hares                                                                                a. Bleeding Nipples

2.       Josh And Some People Whose Names We Forgot                       b. Visitors

3.       Some Other People Whose Names We Forgot                             c. AOTW

4.       Kendra And Anna                                                                      d. Abusing Civilians.

5.       Fergal                                                                                      e. Untimely Advice

6.       Henry                                                                                       f. H & J

7.       Smashmouth                                                                              g. British Courtesy

8.       Joe Pennsylvania                                                                      h. Virgins                     


Part 3, Essay

Write a paragraph on how you would have done either the trail, on-in, or write-up better. Be sure to include at least one of the following whiny bitch phrases.


1.        When I was Joint Master…

2.       How Come We Never…

3.       What Do You Mean Hash Cash Is Out, I Paid $15?!?

4.       Where’s The Fricking Pizza?

5.       The trail was too… (long, short, nerve-wracking, whatever)

 (Answers:P1:c,d,c,e,b or c (I’m not really sure),bde. P2:1f,2h,3b,4d,5a,6c,7g,8e)