Sunday, January 7, 2007
Start: 33rd and Lexington
Hares: Dave Too Long
On-In: Finnerty’s (14th St and 2nd Ave)
Scribe: Doggy Style

Does it get any better than hashing in 50 degree weather in January? Not only do you get to wear shorts but you get to see everyone else’s pasty legs as well. The gloriousness of it all even had Mean Jean dressed in shorts to get into the spirit of things despite not being able to r*n.

It was a picture-perfect hash day. Weather was wonderful. We jaunted through the streets of lower-ish Manhattan with joyful abandonment. Bruce had brought his dog. A father had brought his young happy son. The pack stayed together for the most part. Separated briefly only to be brought closer through the checks. And we all knew that football awaited us when we got to the bar.

Once the hashers could tear their eyes off the football game on the many tvs over the bar (or at least pretend and keep one eye on the game and one on the circle) we began the down-downs. Dave as hare got the obligatory shouts of ‘too long’. We had no visitors and but one virgin: Naomi, who Oh Shit made come.

Joey Pennsylvania and Oh Shit were called out next for joyfully jumping over things on trail. Must have been the weather. Naomi (w/help from Oh Shit) happily drank from her new shoes. Crouching Tiger Hidden BJ dressed in onion-like layers he kept peeling off and was all over the place on trail. It was suggested that Wet Connection be renamed Anger Management Christine after we heard she had to knock people out of the way in a recent r*ce. Her version of the story had someone else starting with her.

Looking for but failing to find Ed Lunch (was he still lost on trail?) we found a stand-in with Steamer. The Magoo Award went to Lunch (and hence his down-down to Steamer) for utter confusion on trail. He kept shouting: ‘Anyone on?’ ‘Does anyone see any marks?’ ‘Where are the marks?’ A*shole of the Week went to Dr. Bruce’s dog Lexi for unhashdog-like behavior on trail which included much jumping and growling. (Better leave that kind of behavior to yours truly.)

If anyone had noticed the circle ending no one seemed to have missed any football action. Maybe except for a few amused patrons at the bar.


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