Sunday, November 19, 2006
Mean Jean and HUA’s Birthday Run
Start: Kinsale Tavern (3rd Ave between 93rd and 94th)
Hares: Mean Jean and HUA
On-In: Dave and Eddie’s (86th St. and 1st Ave)
Scribe: Jenn


A mostly uneventful but enjoyable and well-marked trail on a cool day. The hares’ dire warning about the length of the trail was enough to send some straight to the on-in. An errant rogue hash earlier in the day used white chalk so the hares also warned us to only follow colored arrows. Eva ‘fessed up to r*nning this white-arrowed “hash” earlier in the day and it being an Equinox sports club r*n.

Marathon talk was still in the air as crazies Kara and Darla were off in Philly, each running their second marathon in less than one month. Cockstar was finally back (I for one believe the hash was much too quiet and boring without her…update: yes) from Morocco and before that Ireland, where she drank too much (shocking, just shocking) before her marathon.

While I’m fan of Dave and Eddie’s backyard VIP section during the summer, I am most fond of it’s location to a certain pickle-store establishment (writeup NYCH3#1186, p.1). The pickles were nearby but my post-marathon depression had set in so even a hard juicy new one couldn’t get me excited.

And the down-downs began:

We got the hares messed up real bad real quick with a triple play of down downs. First for the trail, then again for misjudging the length of trail by two miles (it was about 4 instead of their warned 6), then oops…we forgot to sing Happy Birthday. Let it be know that Mean Jean successfully J.M.’ed the rest of the circle without much ado from drunkeyland.

Always Comes First got the smashmouth award for falling on his ass trying to go down a steep decline on trail. The assortment of little people were all called up next and included: Salt Lick, Lauren, Alice, Gregory and Shawn. While the latter two were both under the age of 12 they were already a few inches taller than those legally allowed to imbibe.

I congratulate our JMs for once again using the song “Horse’s Ass” when they sang to Ed Lunch for finding a senior citizen’s movie ticket for Babel and being determined to eventually use it.

Gregory, above mentioned for barely passing the height requirement for beer consumption but not the age requirement wore new shoes. Now I know we can get downright mean at the NYCH3 but I couldn’t believe that we’d make a 12 year old drink soda out of his new shoes. So we tried to make his dad drink for him but once he realized the insole doesn’t come out of kids’ shoes he quickly poured the beverage on his head. Certainly a clue parents are paying too much for kids’ shoes these days.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Blow Job pulled some Jet Li action on trail.

Wet Connection P.R.’ed in her race that morning prompting speculation that once she quit the JM position on the Brooklyn hash she found more time for speedwork!



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