GGFM #184

The Truth

Official Organ of the Greater Gotham Full Moon
Hash House Harriers

G2FMH3 Hash #185   – Friday, October 6th, 2006

Start/Pre-Lube:Ryan's Sports Bar (46 Gold St)
Hares: Rich and Sexless In The City
On-in: Biddy Early's Pub (Murray bet. Church and West Broadway)
Punk Ass Bitch: Salt Lick

See Jane r*n.
Jane is Lauren’s aunt
She is visiting from Rhode Island.
She has no clue what she is getting into.

See Rich give chalk talk.
Where are all the hashers?
They are too cool to come to the GGFM.
They need sleep for their 20-mile “training” run.

See the maybe dozen hashers “r*n,” including Jane.
Jane paired up with Fluffy and Joyce,
Taking MANY shortcuts.
Beating Fast American Dave.

Where is FAD?
Apparently he’s Blind American Dave at night
Running miles past hash marks,
Into the cold darkness.
Pussy Repellent has promised to bring carrots for his next GGFM.

Smell hashers enter the on-in.
See a couple trying to eat dinner hold their noses in disgust.
Hear songs as the circle begins.
See Jane become the hit of the show.

Cockstar calls Aunt Jane up for a Down-Down.
Jane wants to know “Where’s Dick?”
She points to Rich, but the hashers inform her of his marital status.
Cockstar calls Aunt Jane up for another Down-Down.
Aunt Jane mimicked Ed Lunch by “recycling” water for the latecomers,
See Jane dance to the suck swallow song.

Sarah Down Under gives Jane a break.
She points to her bloody stapled head,
An injury claimed not to have been suffered during a hash,
But investigators are looking into the matter.

See Cockstar call Auntie Jane up AGAIN,
Dubbing her, “Where’s Dick.”
Yes Virginia, you can get a name in New York City.
You just have to ask the right questions.