GGFM #176

GGFMH3 #176 February 2006

Hares: Fairy Queen, Rich, and Sujan

Start: 46th & 8th, Manhattan

On-In: Numerous (see below)

Weather: Not bad for February

Another GGFM hash, another “tbd” listed as hare and start. Sigh. With hare raiser Chad A.W.O.L. again (of which more later), JM Rich acted swiftly and rounded up Fairy Queen and Sujan, on hiatus from his witness protection program, for some emergency trail setting. One of those dreaded Thursday evening phone calls…”hey FQ, it’s Rich…got any plans tomorrow night?”.


The hastily planned trail turned out to be pretty good – a pleasant jaunt across to the West Side Highway and north, cutting back east and over to Columbus Circle, where disappointingly, this time there were no topless models to be found. Then some night time park running, before heading back west to Jake’s Dilemma. It was a fairly balmy night for February, which caught many of us by surprise and consequently there were several overdressed and sweaty hashers at the on-in. We fit in perfectly with the overdressed, sweaty crowd of frat boys in Jake’s. What is it with Jake’s? Do people go there just for the free peanuts? The hashers were squeezed into the making out room in the back. A few civilians that were sitting there soon left as the designer fragrances gave way to the sweet odour of “Eau de Hasher’s Jockstrap”.


Apparently, the hares had a sweet deal on Bud but nothing else. Thus, conversations were overheard between the hares along the lines of “if anyone orders dark beer, kick him in the nuts”. The kind of situation that Stewa has nightmares about. But GGFM is the “make the party last” hash, so the underspending on beer was spot on. Rich was doing a great impersonation of a foreman, making sure Fairy Queen and Sujan fetched and carried while he worked the floor and prepared down-downs. Well, “prepared” may be pushing it a bit. Here’s the list of down-down’s as noted on the back of FQ’s lovely hand-written write-up:


Hares: Fairy Queen, Sujan, Rich – nice job at short notice guys.

Virgins: Oscar, friend of Sean.

Don Juanabe/Fast American Dave: The ritual exchange of the FRB bag ‘o’ bits.

Fairy Queen again: For bitching about getting writer’s cramp from his hand-written writeup. Apparently his computer broke down. Kudos to him anyway, for remembering how to use a pen these days.

Fire In The Piehole: Got the down-down that would have been awarded to Chad, had he actually been present, for failing so miserably to raise at least one hare in his capacity as “hare raiser”.


Oh yes, Chad. Remember him? (just in case, there’s a pic of him above). Sometime last year, someone decided to let Chad be the GGFM hare raiser. That turned out to be about as good an idea as making Count Dracula the night watchman at a blood bank. Well, after the umpteenth “tbd” listed for the GGFM hares, he was officially fired in absentia. In his place jumped U.S. Marine Whore, who has obviously impressed with her handling of the haberdashery situation on the NYCH3 (got t-shirts?).


The circle was a brief affair, mainly because we were being gently persuaded to vacate the premises in favour of a “private party”. Read: “the rest of the bar is overcrowded, let’s get those nasty sweaty people out of here so we can squeeze in a few more peanut eaters”. But this is the hash, and we may be denied our space, but we will not be denied our beer! And so it was off to on-in #2, Bourbon St. In contrast to Jake’s, for some reason this place was dead. Word must have got out that someone caught bird flu there, or something. Either way, we weren’t complaining. The only hasher that almost didn’t make it was Steamer Baldwin, who for reasons known only to himself was caught trying to smuggle in a beer by the bouncer. Geoff, they sell beer in Bourbon St., it’s not a BYO. The remainder of the hash cash was drunk, while harriettes tried to pick up the costume-dressing rugby players who had stopped by (or vice versa). All in all a good hash after a shaky start – thanks for throwing us out, Jake’s!


On out