GGFM #175

The Truth



Official Organ of the Greater Gotham Full Moon

Hash House Harriers

G2FMH3 Hash #175 – Friday, January 27, 2005

Hare: Scot and Crazy Bob

                   Start: 86th and Broadway

                   On-In: ?

                   Punk Ass Bitch (Scribe): Fairy Queen

WARNING:  The scribe’s computer died this week and all he had available to write this month’s write up was a pen and ink. Oops.


(hand-written write up with some nice little drawings.. typed by your scribe so it can be treasured for always on the hash website)


As the hashers convened on 86th and Broadway, for the annual flashlight run, most mentioned how pathetic the temperature was this year.  “No windchill factor?  No negative degrees?  What is the crap?”  But the hares were not listening.  Scot, one of the hares, who, unbeknownst to the hashers was living a double life first as Just Scot, and the other as Steven Spielberg (E.T., Jaws, 1941, etc.)  Steven turned to his grip boy Crazy Bob and yelled “Action” and with that the hashers took off in an absolutely beautiful cinematic way.  Within moments after the start the hashers were confronted with a chicken eagle split.  The chicken trail led straight followed by hundreds of steps leading up into the park.  The eagle trail led straight…up a cliff covered in ice.  A couple of hashers, god rest their souls, chose the eagle….  A moment of silence for those paramedics who didn’t charge the hash for the body bags.  As for the rest of the trail I only heard great things about it.  A scenic view, a waterfall and much much more.  Kudos to Steven and the Grip boy.  Too bad FMIG and I found a short cut. But if it were not for me solving that backcheck those hashers could have still been out there today.  No need to thank me guys, it’s my job. 


Once everyone made it tot the On-In, it was down down time. 


What did you think of the trail?

“Best hash of the year, I laughed, I cried.”

“Stunning and beautiful.”

“Outstanding!  A taut intelligent action thriller.”

“Action-filled and exciting”

“Intelligent intense and relentlessly suspenseful.”


Virgin and Visitors

Yea we had some, let’s get to the next down down



YankIt.  Although he volunteered he was the ‘short cutting bastard”


Darkest trail ever

Scot and Crazy Bob


Being a dick

FMIG for belligerently accusing a hasher for calling the hotline to find the On-In (evidence shoed no phone call was made.  Way to be a dick.


Random Abuse of Power

Lori called up Lisa.  Lisa called up Scot for looking like Stephen King.  Jen nominated by Salt Lick for the glo stick up her butt.


On Out