GGFM #172

The Truth

Official Organ of the Greater Gotham Full Moon

Hash House Harriers

G2FMH3 Hash # 172 – Friday, Nov. 18, 2005

Hare: Ed Lunch

Start: Reade Street Pub

On-In: The Patriot

Punk Ass Bitch (Scribe): US Marine Whore



(Cue Star Wars music)




A Repeat On-In



A long time ago (well, only two months ago)

In a pre-lube far far away (well, it was only downtown)


It was the beginning of the GGFM

Prelubing hashers, nice and warm in the Reade Street Pub

Entered the cold November air

To find the evil hare


During the hash, the cold hashers managed

To criss-cross all around lower Manhattan,

Until they encounter Lunch’s ultimate weapon, a poorly marked check

So tricky as to almost elude an entire pack…almost


Overcome with thoughts of beer, beer and more beer,

The pack raced to the on-in,

That bastion of all that is hash-like, the Patriot,

To restore freedom

to drinkers everywhere….





Starring for the down downs:

The Hare: Ed Lunch (featuring Lisa and Don Wannabe as Bag Hags)


Chad (played by Pussy Repellent) for his (lack of) hareraising skills


And Chad (Pussy Repellent) again….for something else (it was too long ago to remember why)


FRB: Gary


US Marine Whore: for being silly enough to run the Philly Marathon


James: for passing two bars…I think the law kind, and not the drinking kind (lord knows, we’re passed many of those ourselves)


Basha: for being hit on by Don Wannabe, poor thing