NYCH3 #1128

NYCH3 #1128

Date: Sunday October 9th, 2005

Start:  80th and Amsterdam/Broadway

Hares:  Booty Call, Mastercard, Stacia, and Kerry

On-in:  The Big Easy

Scribe:  F*ck Me Im Gay




For a little bit there, I was proud to be a hasher. I saw things that I hadnt seen before at the hash. I witnessed focus and dedication, teamwork, and camaraderie.  Its amazing how the human spirit triumphs at times.  It was kind of a beautiful thing. I think we might have found our true calling, a game called Flip Cup.


Of course, like all good hash activities, even this simple game (drink beer, place cup on table, flip cup, next!) degenerated into a chaos that our Joint Masters could be equally proud of. Kerry and MasterCard somehow tumbled to the floor in each others arms at a key point in the game. Unable to execute under the intense pressure, a frustrated Booty Call pounded his plastic cup into oblivion. Lunch was seen squirreling away plastic cups for the apocalypse which as I understand it will be the 3rd or 4th Sunday in October.


Sometime before these events, our little band of brothers (and sisters) were supposed to gather at the corner of 80th and Amsterdam, though for whatever reason when I emerged from the 1 station at 3:20, the pack were all migrating towards Broadway, bags in tow. Kerry gestured like a madwoman towards the west and off we went, Chip N Dale and Fast American Dave immediately bolting out in front, only to nearly get decimated by the traffic coming up West End Avenue, a block over.


Tragedy averted, we got down to the serious business of getting the damn run over with so we could go to the bar. The trail headed straight into Riverside Park, proceeding up, down, over and through everything our hares could think of that just might cause us minor harm. Eventually they tired of this though, and we arrived at a clusterf*ck circle jerk around what a quick Google reveals is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, apparently erected by our own United States Marine Whore.


True trail was easy enough to find straight across the street, but this didnt stop our intrepid bunch from checking in every other freaking direction, finding nothing, and then doing the same thing again. 20 minutes later, Officer John eventually found some marks and at this point we headed east towards the park.


Soon after, it was just Pussy Repellant and myself running into the park, around the reservoir and so on until we exited to our surprise on the east side. Surely the four west side hares wouldnt on-in, on the east side? Apparently, they very well might


We figured something truly special awaited us, or maybe a beer check and back to the West? With four hares, I expected one sooner or later. Sadly, this was not to be as the trail soon ended at The Big Easy, a bar with a stench so wonderful, it rushed out to greet us a the door.


Eventually in the back of this frat house, I mean bar, the pack congregated and proceeded  to get as drunk as the hares, who not surprisingly had set the trail after about half a dozen bloody marys a piece. A few stragglers were knocked to the ground by the quickly exiting Leo who declared the place Too gay and soon after we got down to the important business of pissing off the other patrons with our atrocious singing. Down Downs were awarded to


The Hares: Booty Call, Kerry, Stacia, and Mastercard and Stacia again for wearing a hat in the circle. Tsk, Tsk.


The Virgin Jackie a newly transplanted Englishwoman, apparently here to restore the demographics of the pack that were upset by the recent departure of Charlotte.


Leo and Salt Lick for technology on trail. The former used a pedometer and the latter some sort of sex toy that doubles as a kazoo.


Lauren, The Virgin Jackie, and some girl whose name I cant read all were called up for new shoes. Jackie and the some girl were spared, but Lauren took hers like a trooper and drank from her new kicks.


AOTW went to Mike and Salt Lick who upon arriving at the on in, fought like a couple of hyenas over pack marking technique. Sadly, none of our usual frontrunners were paying any attention which is a shame as they seem to be ignorant of any pack marking techniques whatsoever.


Of note, Salt Lick achieved the rare feat of getting AOTW at NYC and then the next night in Brooklyn. Well done! Youve joined a very exclusive club, which while Im sure there are other members, I am the only one I know of offhand. I have high hopes that Booty Call too will one day join our ranks.


Down Downs done, many of our intrepid hashers resumed the important business of making sure that beer was consumed and cups were quickly overturned. Others just kept it simple and got drunk.  Truly, we have found our calling.