NYCH3 #1127

NYCH3 #1127

Date: Sunday, October 2, 2005

Start: 145th Street and Bway

Hares: John Burke, Dave Hardy (and Janeway?)

On-in:  Ding Dong Lounge

Scribe:  Cockstar


Return of the Sunday



Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!


Welcome back my old friend.  Let us all raise a glass and say: Heres to the early days of fall, where the summer riff-raff fall off the face of the earth and the football jerks are glued to TV screens in other dark stinky bars and true hashers reunite to get plastered and hungover for the start of a work week! 


Crowd:  Here.  Here.


Thank you dear hash, for sending us back to Sundays and bringing me my friends: Wet Connection, Mean Jean, Jumpin Jacks Gash, James, DBB, Basia, Patrick, StEwa, Yello Smello, Sideshow Bob, Lisa, Dave Long, Pussy Repellant, Tim, Dough Boy, ChadanDrew, Stacia, Lesley, Peter, Booty Call and Lunch (did I say friends?).


OK.  So the trail was billed as the Return of the Janeway.  But, as you will soon discover, there is no such thing.


It was a beautiful day.  There were promises of a chicken-eagle split.  And there were Janeway threats.  Well, what we got was a chicken trail, a ball buster f&ck up (set by none other than Burke himself I repeat himself) and a long chicken trail by Hardy.  I guess we were spared a crap Janeway trail, but from what I hear about the eagle, Janeway was there in spirit.


For those of us who chickened it, we got a lovely tour of Riverbank Park a/k/a the sewage treatment plant on the UWS on the river.  Then a bunch of hills, stairs and a run through Morning Side Park.  Right before that though, we were treated to a hateful check at 125th street, which kept us searching for about 15 minutes.  Thereafter, however, it was a ramble in the park, a strut through Columbia and out over to Riverside Park and south to the fake on-in at Dive 101 and then back up north to the Ding Dong Lounge.


Lets just say that the eagles did not fare as well as the chickens (who shortcut JEAN WET C) oops?  Did I say that out loud?  The chickens were in after about an hour, which was a good thing as the bar did not open until 4PM and Hardy and Burke had neglected to work out a deal with the bartender.  However, theyre pretty good to us there so we survived.  The beauty of the Ding Dong lounge is no TV and Ms. Pac Man.


The eagles, Im afraid, started rolling in about a half hour later.  Hot and bothered to say the least.  Thank GOD, however, the pizza was lousy because THAT just made the evening.


So, for the down-downs, it went something like this:


The Hares: Hardy Burke and the phantom Janeway.


Visitors: Burkes cousin Murph and Mee-Meep as in the Road Runner sound —  from Japan.  BTW I tried to get Peter to introduce himself as Larry Parallelogram, but he refused.  Can you believe it?


Steve (of StEwa) for falling down on trail twice.  Apparently, his shorts are so short, the grass is tickly up in there.  Gross!


Doug was called up for a murderous offense.  He somehow got his hands covered in ketchup and looked like he had just murdered someone.


The NYU law student/Davis Polk ex-summer associate (sorry forgot your name) for using a GPS device on trail.


Happy birthday F U to Jumpin Jacks Gash.


Sideshow Bob and C*ckstar for tapering before the Chicago marathon the following week.


Tim, for the corruption of a minor.  I think he may have set a poor example in front of Greg, Lairds son.  He was racing an 8 year old and tried to run a red light.  Realizing that he was not setting the best example, she said: Oh sh*t!  And then, when he realized he had just cursed, he continued with F*ck! and so on.


AOW went to the hares.  Why you ask?  Because theyre A$$holes!


All in all a great way to welcome back Sundays.  Cause if someone aint complain, it isnt a hash.