GGFM #169

GGFMH3, September 23, 2005

Start: Bleeker Street on the 6

On-In: Codys

Hare: Cree

Punk-Ass Bitch: Wet Connection


Friday night, September 23, 2005.  Not just a regular GGFMH3 r*n, but a full-moon r*n that was to occur during the.Harvest Moon.  What the hell is that? you ask in your Not that I really give a sh*t, Im a busy New Yorker tone?  Well, for starters, the harvest moon is the full moon which occurs closest to the autumnal equinox (dont ask me what the equinox is, if you dont know, youre not sophisticated enough to be hashing). 


And so, with things being as they werethe Equinox, the end of Hamptons summer shares and more people (hashers included) around the city on the weekends, I anticipated a great many hashers at the start of the GGFMH3s First Post-Labor Day, Harvest Moon Hash 2005. 


But Cree was setting the trailso there were only about a dozen or so some-odd hashers at the start.  And this was due, Im assuming, not only to the fact that Cree was setting the trail, but because his start location was at the corner of Bleecker and Houston Streets — and any full-moon fool knows that they dont intersect (except for, maybe, Cree).  So as I stepped out of the subway at Broadway and Lafayette, I managed to suss out the situation enough to learn that the start was at Bleecker and Lafayette, outside of the 6 train station stop.   


Upon arrival, instructions were being given, when a neighborhood local expressed his dismay at our group invading his space by chanting the words to a well-known rap tune.  This hasher also knew the words, so drowned out his singing with her own, and added a little dance to it for good measure (for this she would later get a down-down, but she did manage to shut the guy up). With that, we were pretty much sent off into the night, humidity and all. 


Lucky for me, I decided to hang with Mean Jean the Down-Down Machine.  As we ran the trail, at some point early on things got really buggered up.  Im not sure where — it might have been in Washington Square Park (although, I have to admit, that might have been another nights trail).  In the end though, MJ developed a rather incredible hashing concept, which was, What Would Cree Do?  By posing and answering this question at each check or area of lost trail marks, it served both Jean (and myself) as a veritable Ouiji board, offering dead-on directions and sending us on our trail-marked way. 


Down through the Village and into SoHo and around to Canal Street we went asking all the while, WWCD? with MJ usually pulling the right answer as if right out of the air.  Wed hit then miss marks, only to pick them up again.  At Canal Street, things went wrong, when we didnt find marks over the pedestrian bridge (Cree would usually set trail on the bridge, he admits, but he didnt want to make the trail to long, we later learned) and therefore stopped using the WWCD? strategy.  It was there that I posed the question to MJ, Where would Cree drink?  I managed to convince her to run from about two blocks to the on-in, all the way East back across town in an attempt to pick up the trail again, perhaps at Tom & Jerrys or back at the Bleecker Street Bar.  By then, it seems like it was getting late, and hell, we were thirsty, so we called in and bitched and moaned while running all the way back West to Codys.




Back at the bar, there were a few hashers who seemed to have found the entire trail (though Im suspicious that maybe they just got thirsty too.)  Several stalwart hashers, such as Bollocks Burke didnt show for at least another 45 minutes or soothers came in, got a bit huffy about the trail, and left.  Most others who showed and stuck around included Ed Lunch, FMIG, Fairy Queen, Kendra, Haldi, Alice, Alexandra, Stewa and a few others, I think.


While the humidity made it feel like we were living it up in Vietnam, our on-in location at Codys is always a welcome surprise. With doors and window wide open, an ample supply of cold water was ready to go in an iced-down separate jug, and the bartender was warming up to the hash (and Booty Call), like nobodys business.  In no time at all, we were also able to drive away a couple trying to enjoy a romantic dinner as we swaggered around in our sweat and half-dress, and also got rid of what seemed like a lost Russian mafia-type kind of family out from the outdoor dining area and sent them packing back to Bensonhurst.


Speaking of Bensonhurst, Peter and Lesley showed up with a tale of adventure of their own, having risked what seemed like life and limb after forgetting to change trains on the way to the on-in and ending up in Brooklyn.  It took them about an hour to get to the on-in and at least another hour of drinking to recover from the horrors of waiting on the platform at DeKalb Avenue.


Down-downs were given, but I dont have the notes (read: I didnt take any notes, damn it).  I will say, however, that the GGFMs JM Just Rich was excellent at doling it out.  As a newish JM, I think we were all impressed at how he was able to not only amuse a tough crowd, but he also was able to get not one, but two hashers to drink out of their new shoes (and I think even a tea-bagging incident took place!).  The first pair of new sneakers belonged to Alice (as I recall)the other pair belonged to, wellsomeone taller. And male.  I think. (Geez, Ive gotta stop messing with these brain cells)


From there, the usual fuzziness until on-out.  The end.


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