HHH Hudson Dusters
NYC metro area racing group for local hashers created so that we can compete for a team without losing our “Hash cred.”

Columbia University New Traditionalists H3
Runs mostly above 110th street plus outerboroughs and New Jersey.

Red Dress R*ns Around the World
There are red dress events happening all the time – maybe even now! ┬áThere’s even a great one in NYC every fall.

Go to the Hash
Best site for finding a hash anywhere on planet Earth.

Attention all hares! There is a great web site available for free which lets you map your r*ns and see how long or short they are. Now when the pack asks if your trail is long and you say “no, its very short!”, you’ll know exactly how big of a liar you are.

NYC Subway Maps
Use this handy tool to get from A to B on the NYC Subways…

When you’ve got to go on the go in NYC….

Transit Alternatives NYC
Great source of maps of parks, bikeways and other great places for running.

Facebook For Hashers (Invite Only)

NYCH3 On HashSpace

Half Mind Catalog
Online magazine for the international Hash House Harrier community. The Half-Mind Catalog offers a wealth of useful hashing information: a worldwide upcoming event calendar, HHH contacts, links to the best hashing websites, a discussion forum, haberd

Global Trash
One stop hash resource.