Receding Hareline (Next 30 Days)

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Date/TImeStart / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/PathHare(s)
May 25
3:00 pm
Memorial Day Hash
Brooklyn #778
Start: F/G to 15th St/Prospect Park West and follow the hash marks to the start in the park
Transit: F/G to 15th St/Prospect Park West
Bring food/beverages/blanket/etc. Alcohol is not allowed in the park, so be discrete. Note: 3PM start time!!
The Committee
May 27
7:00 pm
NYC #1638
Start: The Library: #7 Avenue A between 1st and 2nd Sts.
Transit: F to 2nd Ave or Delancey, or J/M/Z to Essex St.
Anuj and Chelsea
June 3
7:00 pm
NYC #1641
Start: Drop Off Service - 211 Ave A
Transit: L to 1st Ave
  Gabriel the Baberiel (Gabe the Babe)
June 5
7:15 pm
GGFM #312
Start: TBA
Transit: TBD
Tequila Whore
June 6
12:00 pm
Joint Campout with Lehigh Valley/Hashlympics!
Columbia #68
Start: The Woods, Lehighton Pennsylvannia
This is a full weekend event and you need to rego in advance.
Rego here!
Contact Cum Test Dummy with questions/for more info
June 10
7:00 pm
NYC #1642Hares Needed
June 13
3:00 pm
LIL #38
Start: tba
Transit: tba
Coffee Queefer & Kim Dong Dildo
June 17
7:00 pm
NYC #1639Mandatory Fun