Receding Hareline (Next 30 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
Stripper Surprise and Just Ali's Virgin Lay
NYC #1708
Start: Revival, 129 East 15th Street
Transit: 4 / 5 / 6 / L / N / Q / R to 14th Street Union Square
Stripper Surprise, Just Ali and Coneylingus
Queens Black Knights #43
Start: Rockaway Brewing Company. 46-01 5th Street, Long Island City. Corner of 5th Street and 46th Avenue.
Transit: Vernon Jackson on the 7, Court Square on the E, M , 7, G, 21st Street on the G.
Sergeant Cuntstache and How Much Is That Penis In The Window
Last NASS of the year
NASS #228
Start: Scarborough Metro North Train Sation.
Transit: 2:20 Hudson Line train from Grand Central (going to Croton Harmon). Arrives Scarborough at 3:20.
Run will start at 3:30 sharp. On in at the  hares' house.
Geriatric and One White One
Brooklyn #849
Start: Hank's Saloon- 3rd and Atlantic Ave
Transit: B/Q/2/3/4/5 to Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center
Depantsipation Proclamation, Doggie Erectus
Even the blind squirrel gets the acorn once in a while
NYC #1709
Wed not Dead and Metrosweatual
Columbia #88Hares Needed
NYC #1710
Brooklyn #850
Start: 3rd Ave and President St
Transit: R to Union St
Check Spreader
Season Opener
NAWW #299
Hares Needed
GGFM #330Hares Needed
Just Lizzy's Virgin Lay
NYC #1711
Skidmark and Just Lizzy
Brooklyn #851
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
Cosmopolitits and Surprise! I'm Illiterate
Knickerbocker Pre-Cum!
Knickerbocker #108
Start: TBD
Gag'Em Style, Coneylingus
Queens Black Knights #45Hares Needed
Shiggy Socks
NYC #1712
Idle Handjobs
Brooklyn #852
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
Just Ben
The 300th NAWW Hash
NAWW #300
Hares Needed