Brooklyn #790

Monday August 17th, 2015
Down-Downs awarded to:
Our Hare – Sans Culottes
Our Hare – for S-H-I-T-T-Y T-R-A-I-L – not enough checks, too many housing projects, good job anyway,  and a damn shitty on-in (on the roof of our hare’s building)
A virgin – Todd
Drug Bust – For auto-wanking and cuming to the on-in late.
Rack’n’Roll Her – For being a dedicated hasher and taking half day off from work to set trail.
Doggie Erectus – from Smashmouth as a random abuse of power, just ‘cuz, and to cheer up Doggie.
Bringing Up The Rear – for a false accusation, but I don’t remember the accusation.
Our Hare (again) – For not enough beer at the already cheap and shitty on-in on his roof, least he could do is supply a TON of beer.
So, its true, I missed trail on this one, and the On-In was waaaaay out there in Crown Heights.  The NYC Skyline was but a faint glimmer in the distance.  Good thing there were no visitors, otherwise they would have been disappointed with our inability to show them the sites of Brooklyn.